Google’s latest announcement shows a bunch of exciting new features to Google Ads. The most exciting to me is the image extensions beta program. Along with that, they’re also rolling out a responsive search ad feature to highlight your sales, promotions and shipping offerings, new creative layouts, automatically generated video ads and updated dynamic ads.

Image Extensions Beta Program

Of people who shop online, 85 percent say product information and pictures are important to them when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from.

To help you grow online sales with your Search ads, we’re launching an image extensions beta program. You can easily add high-quality, rich assets, so shoppers can quickly see products to consider and take action faster. With image extensions, you can upload relevant images or automatically curate them from your website with machine learning.

Hugo Boss used image extensions with responsive search ads and saw a 2.5x improvement in ROI and 5 percent bump in clickthrough rates.

Responsive Search Ads

You can now dynamically highlight sales or time-sensitive deals with a countdown and get suggestions on how to promote online availability, shipping, and returns. Responsive search ads use machine learning to deliver relevant messages to potential customers. To help you engage consumers more effectively, Google is introducing new features to make responsive search ads even more relevant and easier to manage.

Set up location insertion for your responsive search ads:

Also countdown customizers are now available to help you promote sales and events in your responsive search ads.

New asset suggestions when creating a responsive search ad:

New responsive search ad features to highlight your sales, promotions and shipping offerings:

New visual shopping formats in the United States through Smart Shopping campaigns with free and fast shipping annotations; an immersive, browsable shopping experience; and videos on Display ads:

Updated look and feel of dynamic display ads:

These new features are exciting for most PPC customers, especially those in the eCommerce world. But of course with every Ads update, we have to watch closely how that affects organic search performance.