A lot of SEO strategies look like this: “We’re going to build some backlinks, write some blog posts and do other SEO efforts each month”.

As I’m sure you can guess, that never works out. Your SEO company in Indianapolis should be providing a very clear and detailed strategy that outlines specifically what steps are being taken, when, why and what the project impact is of those steps.

While there are a lot of constants and predictable outcomes in SEO, the strategy has to be tailored to each business and its goals. A huge part of that is competitor analysis. Not only do we define what measures you must take, we stack that up against your competitors in order to dominate the search results page and keep it that way for many years to come.

seo strategy

Content Strategy

This part of SEO focuses on the content that’s “on the page,” and how to optimize that content to help boost the website’s ranking for specific keywords.

Technical Strategy

This part focuses on a website’s architecture, examining the backend of that website to see how each webpage is “technically” set up. Google cares as much about the code of a website as it does its content, making this speciality quite important to a website’s search engine ranking.

Off-Site Strategy

This part of SEO focuses on the links that are directing to the website from elsewhere on the internet. The number of “backlinks,” and the publishers carrying those links, that link to your website help you build trust in the eyes of a search engine. This causes your website to rank higher as a result.

Content is king. That’s the saying, right? It’s true in a way. Your website is really just a wrapper for your content. Your content tells prospects what you do, where you do it, who you have done it for, and why someone should use your business. And if you’re smart, your content should also go beyond these obvious brochure-type elements and help your prospective customers achieve their goals.

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