We LOVE talking about site architecture. That sounds super nerdy. And we’re ok with that. Site architecture is such a simple, yet complex thing that can help a website dominate every other website in its space.

Of course, no one thing in SEO can help you get to where you want to go. There are a lot of components. But 95% of sites that we look at have poor site architecture which is killing their SEO potential. No matter how many backlinks you build, great content you write, or citations you build, you will never meet your SEO potential if you don’t have the proper site architecture.

The site architecture that we use, and that Google loves, is called content silos. The concept is to group pages of your website by topic with the parent page being your main SEO page and the pillar pages being your supporting content. This is a pillar page to our main SEO page called SEO Company Indianapolis. The goal is to rank that pillar page (which we do) by linking supporting pages like this one to it. And then we repeat the process with all of the different services (topics) that we offer like web design, paid search, and so on.

Site Architecture

The process of search optimized site architecture is a bit more complicated than we can explain here. But at the same time, it is a pretty straight-forward concept that many websites miss out on. If you think about it from Google’s perspective, they have to crawl your website by looking at the code and decide how authoritative each page is.

They determine that by looking at the code of the content and can only discover pages by the links within each page. Just like backlinks from other websites, the internal links on your website point to what is the most important page of your website. So by creating high-value SEO pages and then multiple subpages that link back to it, all within the same category, you develop a strong SEO strategy for the various services or products that you sell.

If that sounds complicated, don’t worry. You don’t have to understand how to do it. We’ll build it for you!

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