Not only does Google look at all of these elements of your website to determine how you should rank, they actually look at conversion metrics as well.

At the end of the day, Google makes its money from Google Ads. The reason Google Ads makes so much money is because Google dominates market share for search. The reason Google dominates market share is because of the accuracy and relevancy of its search results.

Conversion Optimization Raleigh

So even if you write great content, implement proper site structure and technical implementation, build some great backlinks – and everything in between – if users come to your website and either A) spend very little time on the site, B) visit very few pages on your site, C) convert to leads or sales at a lower than average rate, or a combination of any of these things, your rankings will suffer.

The good news is, your Raleigh SEO company, Rank Brain Media, knows exactly how to improve your conversions. And, when you increase your conversion rate, not only do you see more leads and sales because of that, your rankings go up and you see an exponential increase in leads and sales. Make sure that once you have a website, you don’t see that website project as over. You must continue to monitor and improve the website based on the data to keep your conversions at a high rate.

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