When creating content for any individual SEO-page of your website (this doesn’t apply to non-SEO pages like About Us, Contact, etc), you need to be the Wikipedia of that thing.

If you’re a dentist, and you have a page on your website about ‘Implant Surgery in Raleigh” – then you should approach it like you’re creating a Wikipedia page for Implant Surgery in Raleigh. Explain what it is, how you do it, cover common questions, talk about the equipment – whatever it may be.

That doesn’t mean we expect every person who visits that page to read every word. In fact, we hope they don’t. We want them to read just enough to be convinced, and then utilize a strategically placed CTA (call-to-action) to email or call us. But the fact that the thorough content exists and provides enough information for someone who does want to read all of it, but also organized in a way that can be easily skimmed and not read thoroughly – you become the Wikipedia – the authority – on whatever the subject of that page is.

Our Raleigh SEO company will help you write, format and implement the highest quality content strategy for SEO.

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